Managing Project’s Stage

Designers and contract managers will take care of obtaining necessary decisions, opinions and environmental studies before getting land development conditions or construction permits.

We conduct formal-legal procedures on behalf of the Investor.


Land Development Conditions

Properly prepared Land and Development Conditions Application is the first and most important step in an investment. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we guarantee obtaining the most favorable Land Development Conditions in a given area taking under consideration existing neighborhood that is important for administrative bodies.

Zoning Plan Analysis

Before commencing a project we will analyze the Zoning Plan so that it is the most beneficial in terms of your investment. Proper identification of development possibilities will manifest itself in financial and functional savings for the Investor.

Geotechnical analyses

We provide all the necessary geological and geotechnical analyses.

Geodetic analyses

Geodetic team will prepare geodetic documentation before the design stage as well as those for the current construction site operation. At the completion of works we provide inventory reports together with the main map copy from the competent geodetic center.

Architectural designs

Partner architectural offices are always ready to start design activities for the Investor. High quality of the designs and attention to details will manifest itself in the costs and functionality of a structure. We manage project’s stage for the Investor – from a design activities schedule to quality control and design solutions. The Investor gets a final design of the highest quality.

Construction permit procedures

We take the full burden of obtaining the construction permit. We monitor formal-legal procedures on the investment preparation stage, we cooperate with a chosen architectural office on the design stage, we represent the Investor in administrative institutions and control bodies.

Formal-legal procedures

Many years of experience in designing and managing investments gave us the knowledge of formal-legal procedures. We are able to conduct all of the procedures on behalf of the Investor, guaranteeing civil and legal safety. The Investor does not risk mistakes, loss of time, and improper actions.

Works and expenditure schedules analysis

In-depth analysis of the schedule on the initial stage allows us to identify dangers to realization and uncertain milestones, where changes on later stages could result in financial losses. In order to prevent the loss of benefits for the Investor we support the contractor and consult the works and expenditure schedule multiple times to create its most excellent form.



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