Construction site management

As a Contract Engineer we are responsible for a smooth operation of the construction process. We check all the details important for the client. We monitor construction processes and legal procedures saving the Investor’s time and money.


Investor’s Representative

A team of experts and construction specialists will take the Investor’s duties burden. Trust us risk free. Our role is to smoothly and correctly conduct all formal and legal procedures before the start of a construction – as well as preparing the construction site and a detailed settlement after the completion of a project.

Managing investment’s schedule

A good schedule is crucial for an efficient management of a construction site. After a detailed analysis and check before starting a construction – the schedule is permanently verified and considered in terms of chances and risks. The Investor gets clear and concrete conclusions from a specialist which include current trends of the milestones.

Investor’s construction project supervision

Many years of experience in supervising manufacturing-warehouse, office, commercial and multi-family facilities as well as specialized installations allows us to vigilantly verify all construction works. We know how to run, check and settle construction works – the Investor will be calm knowing that all the works will go according to the design and in the approved works framework. Our team of inspectors works for the Investor’s success.

Bank supervision

Financing an investment requires separate supervision and a detailed report. We also work for banks creating opening, monthly and closing reports – in order for the bank to pay the necessary financial tranches to the Investor on time and without doubts concerning the investment.

Construction financial settlement

All the money spent on an investment must be mirrored in the works and expenditure statement. We check and recommend all the settlements before making a payment, guaranteeing savings and certainty for the Investor.

Final construction settlement

Whether the construction run according to the design or there were design revisions, alternative or reduced works – we settle all the changes according to their value. The Investor will receive a clear report of the works together with their value and financial summary.

Managing the facility acceptance procedures

Culmination of a construction is its closure and conducting acceptance procedures – sanitary, fire safety, construction supervision – in the fastest time possible in order for the Investor to start collecting financial benefits. A condition for smooth acceptance is perfectly prepared documentation. We have the knowledge and unique documents – check lists- thanks to this the Contractor will get help and pointers on how to prepare the necessary materials for the supervising institutions.


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